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Take the City in Style Like These Insta-Famous NYC Pooches

Is your Instagram feed full of posh pooches in designer collars? If it’s not, we’re here to suggest a few famous chowhounds that should be on your radar.

New York City is home to some of the most fashion-forward icons in the world pups included. With boutiques lining every corner, pet-friendly restaurants on every block, and dog parks sprinkled throughout the city, it’s only natural that some of social media’s most beloved pups call NYC home.

1. Marnie the Dog

This lovable Shih Tzu loves to parade around the Big Apple with her tongue sticking out at all times. She also enjoys long walks on the sidewalk, dressing up for different holidays (major and very minor alike), and running into people who are ALMOST as famous as her.

2. The Dogist

It’s like Humans of New York, but for dogs. By following this account, you’ll learn a little bit about the personality of each pup (and definitely fall in love with all of them). Whether they’re posing on the Brooklyn Bridge or fetching a bone in Central Park, there’s always plenty of puppy love to go around.

3. Luella the Frenchie

How can those ears not be Insta-famous? This pup’s rise to fame came after a video in which she twirls for a police horse, decked out in her maroon sweater and gold chain, went viral. On top of that, she ÒworksÓ at a fashion boutique in Manhattan run by her owners.

4. Louboutina the Hugging Dog

We could all use a hug every now and then, and Louboutina is the right dog for the job. Not only is this precious Golden Retriever spreading love and smiles in the concrete jungle, she does it all while sporting adorably festive patterned bandanas.

5. Winston the White Corgi

This white ball of fluff is unlike any corgi youÕve ever seen he loves to play dress up, whether it’s bunny ears for Easter or as sashimi for Halloween. Who wouldn’t love to see that adorable little butt wobbling up and down Fifth Avenue?

6. Ella Bean the Dog

This Brooklyn rescue pup, once on the brink of death at a Florida shelter, now eats ceviche and lobster and is always camera ready. This diva dog has traveled the world, and is even coming out with her own dog clothing line.

7. Samson the Goldendoodle

If not for the lack of opposable thumbs, this fluffy Goldendoodle might have you believing that he was people, too. He loves lounging in bathrobes, playing rounds of golf, and is the New York Rangers #1 fan.

8. Chef_Nilla

This last pooch is our favorite chef in the kitchen and for good reason. Her quirks and captions are always good for a guaranteed chuckle, and she’s a total cutie to boot! While this pup is flying under the radar for now, we’re betting she’ll be the biggest star on this list by the end of 2017.

As you can see, New York City is the perfect place for aspiring Insta-famous dogs to mark their territory. If you happen to be in the city with your pooch, Affinia offers a special VIPaws Program that includes all the essentials a pet bed, food and water bowls, treats and toys, dog stairs, and disposable waste bags.

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