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Discover the Hidden Gems of NYC's Garment District

With this guide in hand, you’ll be ready to explore the treats and treasures of NYC’s eclectic Garment District. If there’s truly a center of the universe of knick-knacks, it’s NYC’s lively Garment District. This bustling area is home to a collection of cool things, and not just fantastic textiles and haute couture. A quick from many of the Affinia hotels, the district’s dozens of little shops and studios are home to a colossal range of fabrics, clothing, art showcases, world-class eateries, and unusual collectibles for any and every kind of person. We’ve composed a list of some must-sees of the area for any visitor with a knack for shopping. Both for lone travelers and families, these destinations will give you a taste of what put the Garment District on the map. Mood Fabrics This place is where the magic really happens. Famous for its recurring role on the hit TV series Project Runway, Mood houses the finest fabrics in the business on three glittering floors of fashionable wonder. It’s where every fashionista, from fashion students to world-renowned designers, gets their fabulous fabric. Though most of us aren’t looking to buy designer fabric in its wholesale form, Mood is worth the trip just for the glimpse into how silks, sequins, and furs make the transformation from individual elements to dazzling ensembles of runway glamor. Even if you’re not remotely into fashion, you can stop by and say hello to Mood’s much-loved mascot a boston terrier named Swatch. If you re looking for more incredible trims and sequins, check out the iconic M&J Trimming store on 6th avenue and its 5,000 square-foot showroom. Garment Center Tour Take it from us: the Garment Center Tour is a must-have behind-the-scenes, insider shopping experience for the truly fashion-oriented. You’ll get access to appointment-only designer showrooms that are ordinarily available only to boutique vendors and fashion critics. Not only will you meet established NYC designers, but you’ll also be able to peruse these exclusive fashions for sale at wholesale prices. Jung Lee Store While you’re making your home away from home in the big city, make sure to visit the Jung Lee Store. This flagship destination for home decor hosts a breathtaking array of one-of-a-kind items that render the ordinary fresh and make the fantastical fit right at home. It’s one of those stores that’s only possible in NYC. Melinda Buie: Selected Works 2010 Ð 2015 If you’d like to shift gears and check out some world-class art, we recommend taking a peek at an amazing exhibition put on by locally-based visual artist Melinda Buie. Found in the Kaufman Arcade building, the large oil paints depict Buie’s childhood on a Texas farm, lending a touch of the pastoral to New York’s busy streets. The show runs until May 8. OmFactory Since you’ve probably been busy stimulating your mind with glitz and glamor, you might want to take a moment to reconnect with your body. OmFactory offers an array of grounding and enriching yoga classes, including the ever-popular Aerial Yoga, which combines classical yoga practices with acrobatics using soft suspended fabric. ALT Coffee Shop If you’re feeling a little exhausted by all your spending, be sure to recharge at this unique and bustling cafe. Not only does ALT serve some of the finest European-style coffee on the island, it’s also attached to the ALT Bazaar, that offers an unusual assortment of carpets, textiles, furniture, and objects that will keep you entranced until you reach your next destination. Midtown Comics If there’s anything that’s in right now, it’s everything vintage. Take a spin through this famous comic shop and leaf through a classic adventure with any or all your favorite superheroes. Whether you’re here to reconnect with your childhood or take a gander at the comic world’s latest sensation, this iconic shop is not one to be missed. The Museum at FIT For those looking to expand their knowledge of fashion, the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology is a must. Notable for its innovative, bold, and occasionally controversial exhibitions, the museum currently features explorations into Faking It and counterfeit couture, a celebration of film star Lauren Bacall’s unique style, and the 70’s fashion of Yves Saint Laurent and Halston. The Skylark After a day of exploring, take a moment to unwind in style amongst the clouds. Travel up 30 floors and find yourself at the Skylark, a multilevel cocktail bar that offers a dynamic mix of gorgeous panoramic views, the house mixologist’s latest rendition of classic drinks, and inspired light fare that’s worth writing home about.

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