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Welcome Autumn Indoors With a Dynamic Flower Display

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Here’s how to create an autumn bouquet to bring fall colors indoors.

Fall in the Northeast means beautiful vistas of crimson, orange, and yellow, not to mention flowers that bring the stunning palette of the landscape right to your table.

Whether you enjoy a lush bouquet at your bedside or as a centerpiece for your table, fall in New York City is the ideal time to play with pops of striking color in your flower arrangements.

Though spring and summer traditionally come to mind as flowers’ biggest seasons to shine, fall in New York is when striking floral superstars like African daisies, marigolds, flowering kale, and silver king reach full bloom. Around town, autumnal abundance is on full view -- so let it inspire you!

As the weather turns crisp, consider bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home or hotel room with these easy tips for creating a lush fall bouquet.

1. Find Your Flowers

As harvests reach their peak throughout the Hudson Valley, the ripple effect is felt around the city. Flower-seekers can find some especially thrilling varieties at farmers markets (some of our favorites around town are the Greenmarkets at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza and Union Square) and at flower shops in New York’s famous flower district. Both feature reasonably priced options, and are sure to entice you with blossoms beyond your wildest dreams.

2.  Select Your Palette


Take inspiration from color theory or the sights around you. Experts recommend proceeding cautiously with whites and reds, and working with a limited and harmonious group of blooms.

For our cornucopia-esque bouquet, we selected pom pom protea, mimosa (also known as silver wattle), and purple artichoke. The complementary hues of cream, deep purple, burnt orange, and muted green are playful but elegant, and the striking textures entice the eye to explore each element.

3. Plan Your Bouquet


Once you decide on a color palette, set your work station up and gather your flowers, a pair of a scissors or a sharp knife, and a glass or vase to keep your bouquet fresh. Formulate a strategy for your bouquet’s aesthetic. Will this be a tall arrangement? A low and wispy bouquet? Decide which flowers you’d like to be dominant or tallest, and which will be complementary. Cut the stems and create a foundation with foliage, making sure to remove any leaves that dip below the water line. If you’d like a tall bouquet, it’s best to cut the stems of the feature flowers at different lengths, so they rest at different levels in the vase.

4. Make Adjustments


Add smaller foliage, modify the placement of certain flowers, remove some stems to keep the vase from getting too full (which will help keep your bouquet healthy as well) -- in short, add whatever finishing touches you feel your arrangement needs. Often, a bit of asymmetry adds depth and intrigue to a bouquet.

5. Keep Your Bouquet Radiant


As always, keep things simple and have fun with your bouquet designs. Experiment with the deep, warm colors of autumn in New York, and enjoy the fruits (and beauty) of your labor!