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The Sweetest Treats in NYC

A rose made from icecream.
The best part of any meal is dessert! Here are the most outrageous treats in NYC.

Need a sugar rush? Visit Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood for some mouthwatering desserts.

If you’re a sucker for sweets, make Chelsea your first destination in NYC. This neighborhood, known for the High Line, chic lofts, and upscale restaurants, serves up some of the most scrumptious treats in town. More than skilled chefs, the dessert makers in this hip area are true innovators.

They don’t settle for traditionalism — each shop on this list aims to surprise your palate with twists on old classics. Stop by one of these places — or all of them — and indulge.

And with summer around the corner, we at Affinia want to treat you to a refreshing pair of People’s Pops and other great snacks from our Corner Store as you explore the city. Quick, before they melt — claim this unmissable deal here.

Seed + Mill

Ever eaten sesame seed ice cream? Seed + Mill, a brand new ice cream shop located in the vibrant Chelsea Market, is on a mission to bring their unusual product to the New York masses. They also peddle artisanal halva — a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made from tahini —   infused with unexpected flavors like ginger, cardamom, and sea salt dark chocolate.

Try the tahini soft serve for a cool treat infused with the traditional flavors of this Middle Eastern dessert. You may even find yourself on the cutting edge of the next big trend to hit the New York ice cream scene.

Dough Doughnuts

If you thought Krispy Kreme was the ultimate dessert haven, Dough will blow your mind. Much classier than its contemporaries, this upscale, artisanal doughnut shop offers a variety of exotic flavors, including tropical chili and hibiscus. Make sure to try the dulce de leche doughnut — it’s dunked in a rich, creamy glaze and coated in crunchy almond slices. These sweets might not be as cheap as Krispy Kreme, but you won’t regret shelling out the extra dough.   

The Meatball Shop

Okay, so this restaurant doesn’t sound like a dessert shop — and it isn’t — but the Meatball Shop's ice cream sandwiches are truly unbeatable. While enjoying your meaty meal, make sure to save room for a creamy dessert. Begin by picking a flavor of house-made ice cream, and then choose two fresh cookies to sandwich your scoop between. Any combination will make your mouth water, but the brown sugar ice cream/snickerdoodle pairing is a crowd favorite.

The Treats Truck

With over 50 different dessert offerings, this truck is on a roll. You can find it cruising through various locations in the city, including Chelsea. To make sure you catch them, look for their updates on Twitter.

The menu has a kid-food theme, boasting a huge assortment of cupcakes and cookies, including the PB&J sandwich cookie — two peanut butter cookies housing gobs of peanut butter and jelly. The Truck also serves a variety of “kitchen sink” pastries containing ingredients like pretzels and M&Ms, guaranteed to please anyone’s inner child.

Fat Witch Bakery

Indulge your chocoholism with a visit to the Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea Market. This bakery makes and individually wraps a wide assortment of gourmet brownies. The Fat Witch original — a rich and tasty chocolate brownie — is not to be missed, but afterward, dare to venture into less explored brownie territory. Among the unique options are the caramel witch, the java witch, the snow witch, and the breakfast witch with oats and brown sugar, which is certainly worth getting out of bed for.


You may consider marshmallows a bland treat, but MitchMallows will change your mind. These fluffy bites of sugar and gelatin come in a whole bunch of delicious flavors — some tame, like coconut and banana chocolate, and others much more wild, like wasabi ginger or pretzels and beer. Whatever flavor you choose, every mallow is beautifully crafted and perfectly fluffy.

In addition to these treats, the store offers marshmallow baked goods. Try the Strawberry S’mores Forever — a toasted strawberry marshmallow on a buttery shortbread cookie with a drizzle of melba sauce and a fresh strawberry on top.

Amorino Gelato

NYC has an abundance of incredible ice cream shops, but if you’re in Chelsea, Amorino is your best bet. Beyond being incredibly tasty, these scoops are shaped like intricate flowers atop your cone, rendering them the most aesthetically pleasing treat on the list.

Pick between a variety of traditional gelati and sorbets, and watch the server make your edible work of art! But before you dig in this photogenic dessert demands an Instagram upload.

Insomnia Cookies

Open late at night and with the option of delivery, Insomnia will turn you into an unstoppable cookie monster. These cookies are hot, melty, and served in pizza boxes, making the experience all the more indulgent. The chocolate chunk is a classic choice, but the s’mores deluxe is even gooier. Order with a group to get the best deal — and to sample all the flavors!

When it comes to dessert, New York and doughnuts are a match made in heaven.

Next time you’re exploring Chelsea, ditch your fancy dinner plans and make a meal of these outrageous desserts and spend the night at the Manhattan NYC.