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For group reservations and other sales-type talk, contact the individual hotel’s Group Sales team.

You can e-mail or call us in the city of your choice.

Washington, DC Sales Office
t 202.434.0120 | f 202.347.1813
New York City Sales Office
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The Essentials + Customized DC Meeting Room Options

The Essentials: everything you need to make your event a success

  • Highly trained meeting and conference managers
  • Well-appointed boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Outstanding food and beverage operations
  • Personalized service tailored to your needs

Customized Meeting Space: Tailor your next meeting to suit the styles and sensibilities of your attendees. Meetings by Design gives you a choice of four special meeting room set-ups, ranging from serious high-tech to no-nonsense,
no-tech options.

    1.Green Meetings: For environmentally concerned groups, now it’s easy to host a green meeting. Recycled materials, a Zen garden, trail mix—even a donation made on your group’s behalf to the We Campaign, a nationwide effort by the Alliance for Climate Protection to promote solutions to climate change.

    2.Brainstorming: Get the creative juices flowing with some serious fun designed to spark innovative ideas. Etch-a-Sketch, Play-Doh, and Slinky become meeting tools for inspiration, and a selection of retro candies keeps the energy level high. And for those really tough decisions, a Magic 8-Ball just might have the answer.

    3.Hi-Tech: Loaded with all the latest gadgets, this is the kind of meeting techies will love. A plasma screen or LCD projector, Webcam and podcast capabilities, and a digital video recorder are among the tech toys at hand. When it’s break time, PlayStation or Wii will keep meeting attendees engaged.

    4.No-Tech: Check your Blackberries at the door and get down to business with this old-school meeting set-up. Whiteboard and corkboard, flip charts and sketch pads, a dictionary and a thesaurus—get back to basics and benefit from having the full focus of meeting participants. A few classic games are included for some additional analog inspiration.

For more information on reserving meeting rooms in DC, please contact: Director of Catering and Conference Services, Ray Benoit at

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