The more the merrier.

For group reservations and other sales-type talk, contact the individual hotel’s Group Sales team.

Affinia Cheer

You can e-mail or call us in the city of your choice.

Washington, DC Sales Office
t 202.434.0120 | f 202.347.1813
New York City Sales Office
t 646.424.2600 | f 212.643.8028


Small to mid-sized business meetings are a pleasure in the newly renovated Affinia Shelburne. And our spectacular rooftop lounge, Rare View, will elevate your attendees’ spirits.

Your meeting, your way—by design.

Customize your next meeting to suit the styles and sensibilities of your attendees. Meetings by Design gives you a choice of four special meeting set-ups, ranging from serious high-tech to no-nonsense, no-tech options.

Green Meetings. For environmentally concerned groups, now it’s easy for your meeting to be green. Recycled materials, a Zen garden, trail mix—even a donation made on your group’s behalf to the We Campaign, a nationwide effort by the Alliance for Climate Protection to promote solutions to climate change.

Brainstorming. Get the creative juices flowing with some serious fun designed to spark innovative ideas. Etch-a-Sketch, Play-Doh, and Slinky become tools for inspiration, and a selection of retro candies keeps the energy level high. And for those really tough decisions, a Magic 8-Ball just might have the answer.

Hi-Tech. Loaded with all the latest gadgets, this is the kind of meeting techies will love. A plasma screen or LCD projector, Webcam and podcast capabilities, and a digital video recorder are among the tech toys at hand. When it’s break time, PlayStation or Wii will keep the crew engaged.

No-Tech. Check your BlackBerries at the door and get down to business with this old-school meeting set-up. Whiteboard and corkboard, flip charts and sketch pads, a dictionary and a thesaurus—get back to basics and focus on ideas, not i-stuff. A few classic games are included for some additional analog inspiration.

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